17th October 2010

I’m writing this as I sip tea in the house I grew up in. I’m sprawled out on my bed, with my MacBook on my lap, pen & paper by my side, and this blank canvas staring me in the eyes. This blank canvas symbolizes my future and the leap of faith I’m taking. These sheets of paper & pen embody the purpose I live for and the dream I’m passionately pursuing. 

Two weeks from today I fly back to New York to establish what I’ve spent the last two months in Chicago, and my whole life, preparing for. This Halloween, I will reunite with my kindred spirit and new business partner, Catharina, to create a lifestyle for ourselves - a lifestyle which reflects our philosophy that workisnotajob. For us, work is the transfer of energy. We believe that the talents, activities and commitments that exceed business hours define your work. In everything we do, we believe in inspiring people to live their art. Our hope is that we’ll inspire you to carve your path as we carve ours too.

The coming months will be full of work, adventure and uncertainty. From finding a place to live in New York to securing Cath the artist visa so she can legally work in the states. From officially incorporating the company to carefully living on just enough savings to get by in nyc for the next few months, the rest of 2010 will certainly be memorable. Like everything in life, nothing is certain, though we’re confident that in every impossibility and problem lies an answer or solution. We’re confident that everything is better together and nothing can stop the pursuit of our dream.


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