Be Open to Receiving

16th October 2012

Six weeks ago, I felt a sudden urge to visit Los Angeles. The weather was starting to turn in Boulder, I was beginning to feel antsy, and I felt called to SoCal. So I booked a ticket. 

As the plane descended into LAX, I watched the beach and mountains unfold through the tiny airplane window. Suddenly, I was overtaken by a feeling of natural familiarity—the same feeling I experienced when descending onto San Francisco, New York City and Boulder for the first time.

"Uh oh," I texted my Mom upon landing.

"Are you moving to LA?" she asked.

"Not yet," I said, laughing. "It probably wouldn’t happen until Spring."  

"Feel it out," she said.


Feel it out I did.

From serendiptious run-ins with close friends to inspiring walks along the beach to productive Bold strategy sessions, LA handed me a perfect dose of living, working and playing.

Like most of my past travel, I felt refreshed and enlivened by the energy of new sights, sounds and faces. But something about this trip felt different. I felt different. 

I wasn’t journeying to reflect, think, or process. I wasn’t using the trip to disconnect from my way-too-full plate. And I wasn’t taking time off to figure out how I could fully commit to the work I’m meant to be doing. 

Instead, I was living and breathing my purpose. I was connecting with like-minded people who care deeply about unrealized potential. And I was moving the agreements on my just-full-enough plate forward.  

"Why not move here for the fall?" my friend Geada said over dinner, planting a seed in my mind.

"Experiment!" said Terri, my friend and colleague.

That evening I browsed Craiglist to check pricing and availability for short-term leases. But then fate stepped in. 

A sleepover with new friend Julia led to an evening of lady talk and bonding, and an invitation to move in to her beachside pad in Marina del Rey. The next day, a phone call with a friend looking for a room in Boulder took care of rent at my place. 

10 days later, I arrived in LA with two suitcases and a smile. Today, I’m one week into my two-month LA experiment. 

A month ago I didn’t think biking along Venice Beach would soon become my new favorite hobby. I also didn’t realize how much LA would resonate. Such is the beauty of life, letting go and following inspiration. That’s when things, in my experience, tend to fall into place.

Or, as my dear friend Shannon says, “There is no such thing as falling into place. The universe is organizing your purpose through the law of least effort, and the law of give to receive.”

So follow your inspiration, let go and be open to receiving. 

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Thanks to LA for inspiring this post, and Nate for reading it. 

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