One Bold Step to Living Fully

25th September 2012

Since The Bold Academy ended in July, and with applications for SF now open as of today, people often ask me about the outcomes and results. That’s when I like to tell stories.

One of my favorite stories is of Whitney Flight. In her words:

At The Bold Academy, I cultivated my initial flirtation with “yes” into a full-fledged love affair. I learned the beauty of saying “yes” despite fear; for fear is simply the indicator that you’re on the right path to your greatest potential.

Experiencing that beautiful actualization meant embracing an amazing group of intentional individuals poised to change the world. It meant that I was a member of the winning Bold Hu$tle team – raising $20,500 in less than 24 hours. It meant accepting a job in line with my passion for community, food and sustainability just two days before Bold ended. It meant reshaping my skills and passions into my own creative consulting business, and joining the next Bold team as Visual Storyteller and Communications Apprentice. It meant encouraging my true identity and potential to surface.

I vividly remember going to lunch with Whitney, the other members of her winning Bold Hu$tle team, and Aaron, the angel investor in town who cut the group a $10K check because he thought the idea was just crazy enough for him to get involved. 

Mid-way through the lunch, Aaron asked the group about their next steps. As each person spoke, I experienced what I imagine it feels like for a mother who is so proud of her kids for what they’ve accomplished. I listened with immense gratitude and pride, beaming with joy, and anticipatory for where their lives would take them.

When Whitney spoke about her next steps, she spoke of her rediscovered love for food, community, and sustainability—but she wasn’t yet sure of where to take these interests.

That’s when fate stepped in. Aaron’s wife happens to own and run a popular farm-to-table dinner series in Boulder where an opportunity opened a few days prior. 

"I think you’re perfect for the job," Aaron said.

And perfect she was. Two days later she canceled her return ticket home. She moved to Boulder without a place to live or a car to drive in order to accept this once-in-a-lifetime job offer. (The next day, she had a car, a place to live, and a newfound life direction.)

"You have to let me know when you’re raising capital," Aaron said to the team when we finished the lunch. "I want to be the first to invest." 

It’s stories like Whitney’s that give me goosebumps and show me the power of what we’re doing at Bold. The magic lies in the unforeseeable moments, the encounters and coincidences that will forever change life trajectories.

If you’re ready to accelerate the trajectory of your life, Bold SF applications are now open and rolling, which means procrastination is your enemy.

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Thanks to Whitney for inspiring it and Nate for reading the draft.

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